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Stranshome LAST LUAU, they have selected 50+ of the best TYPE and PEDIGREE cows (with a few select heifers) on the farm to sell in an online auction August 2-12, 2019. The rest will be sold privately. All-Americans, National show winners and backed by some of the most-respected cow families in the breed. These individuals and their families have allowed Stranshome to have a lot of fun in the show ring with great success while still holding value in hard times. Now it’s your turn to let them work for you! A few will be entered in Midwest Fall National Show and Stranshome can get them there and help get them out if needed. Sale closes on August 12 starting at 3 p.m. (CST) please feel free to stop by the farm and be there for the close of the sale OR feel free to contact any of the listed sales staff.